Tom Sandoval Says Ariana Madix “Ripped” His Lightning Bolt Necklace Off of Him 1 | Pudhuulagam News

Tom Sandoval Says Ariana Madix “Ripped” His Lightning Bolt Necklace Off of Him | Pudhuulagam News

here we are here we areat Las Vegas s City here we are uh are we getting intoany trouble um I don’t know D young we might get a new ass tattoo no please no ass tattoos okay let’s just start with the fact that special forces caught you sand ofal crying on the toilet so between your toilet between that toilet cry and shortz’s.

who has the more iconic toilet cry oh definitely Schwarz that’s my favorite episode in the history of Vander pump rules I’ve actually never watched it all the way through cuz it’s sacred to me and I want it to preserve the way it is in my mind so I haven’t watched it but anyways hasn’t fully watched this wedding episode either it was a great episode you like get to watching I just watched Kyle and manda’s wedding and

Tom Sandoval Says Ariana Madix “Ripped” His Lightning Bolt Necklace Off of Him | Pudhuulagam News

I cried and it was lovely shout out to summer house let’s talk about Katie flood for a second what makes her a 10 out of 10 well I’ve said this all right I’m on kid I’ve said this so many times but first of all she has like the essence of a a ’90s supermodel to me and and she’s she’s smart she’s funny she’s witty but she’s also like very self-deprecating which is uh very attractive to me anyways she’s just awesome yeah Sant ofal it seems like you get a little bit of a Redemption Arc this season correct me.

if I’m wrong but do we think if Rachel would have returned to shooting she would have received the same treatment I mean Cons considering like the way the reunion went I and the way sort of I mean I think she would have probably gotten a little bit easier of a landing.

Tom Sandoval Says Ariana Madix “Ripped” His Lightning Bolt Necklace Off of Him | Pudhuulagam News

I feel like considering the way like the reunion was I mean she had her trailer she I mean I sat there the wholetime and got my ass kicked you know what I mean like I don’t know I mean who knows it never happens so we don’t know but I think she would have I don’t know.

I would have I don’t know who knows I see there’s a lightning bolt earring did you turn your necklace into an earring what is going on here no actually uh that necklace is gone I have a different lightning bolt necklace it’s a white gold versus yellow gold and uh yeah it’s another earring yeah so Rachel sold her for 14k and it went to charity should your original lightning bolt necklace go into the clubhouse.

where is that thing uh it got ripped off my neck it did yeah Ariana ripped it off my neck oh well we should find that because that is kind of that whole thing was a moment yeah yeah what was harder returning to film this season or Special Forces oh man they were really both Harden different ways but Special Forces got me ready.

I feel like something I really needed to do in my life it was definitely the hardest thing mentally physically I’ve ever done in my life wow who’s giving it to you the hardest this season H everybody but in different ways what’s going on with the season in you guys are we back to some classic TomTom I would say I prefer TomTom Foolery um um is a little harsh um but um yeah I think I think we’re getting our um we’re getting our old TomTom Dynamic back we got to realize we’ve known each other for 13 years.

he’s one of my best friends we like you know we’ve we we’ve been through so much together and uh I love the guy he’s like family so I did take a I did take a break I had to um because my whole identity became caught up in his identity you know I became an accessory to an affair but I’m glad to I’m glad to let you know that I have my Schwarz back I am a human being I have nuances

history uh family hobbies and lastly I am actually loving the style choices today you make bold style choices if you can give anyone a style makeover on your cast who would it be I think I know what he wants to say say it just say it I would say Schwarz oh did you expect I would I’m willing

what did you think he was going to say I don’t want to say it say it no I accept by the way who do you want to give a style makeover to myself it’s mutual I love that for you guys have a great rest of your Bravo con




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